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February 28 2015

don't do this indoors. burning trimethyl borate creates boron trioxide which is poisonous.

February 01 2015


October 30 2014


There is a mplayer feature which was designed specifically to watch StarWars without Jar-Jar-Binks

The edit decision list (EDL) system allows you to automatically skip or mute sections of videos during playback, based on a movie specific EDL configuration file.

This is useful for those who may want to watch a film in "family-friendly" mode. You can cut out any violence, profanity, Jar-Jar Binks .. from a movie according to your own personal preferences. Aside from this, there are other uses, like automatically skipping over commercials in video files you watch.

October 27 2014

lol. Videoüberwachung

September 20 2014

September 04 2014

I'm using a genetic algorithm to approximate a series of convolutions which try to mimic a given effect. In this example it tries to learn a 8x8 blur effect generated with ImageMagick (convert -blur 8x8).
The upper images in the video show the current approximation and the magnitude spectrogram of its discrete fourier transform (DFT).
The lower images show the target image and its DFT.
Only results of the best candidate of each generation is shown in the video.


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July 31 2014


July 27 2014

2893 ea7e
Pyromantics Part I - Close-up - Stadtflucht 2014 (Picture: @shallow)
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July 22 2014


Hepatitis C ist jetzt heilbar (!) - aber

die Medikamente sind so teuer dass das die oesterreichischen Kassen erst bei Leberschaden zahlen. (Es zahlen ueberhaupt nur die Kassen von 5 europaeischen Laendern, uebrigens)
"Die Vorsitzende der Hepatitis Hilfe Österreich, Angelika Widhalm wies auf eine Aktion der französischen Gesundheitsministerin Marisol Touraine hin, im Verbund mit 13 anderen europäischen Staaten das Problem anzugehen. Die Hepatitis C und die neuen Therapien könnten zur "Nagelprobe" dafür werden, wie in Zukunft die Preisgestaltung der internationalen Pharmaindustrie aussieht. "Der Titel für mich ist: 'Was ist wichtiger, die Interessen der Aktionäre oder jene der erkrankten Patienten'?", betonte Ferenci. Das aktuelle Beispiel könnte in Zukunft auch für viele andere medizinische Fachgebiete Vorbildcharakter haben."
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-- https://twitter.com/kyrah/status/490959658677710848

Metaday_62 lecturer kyrah at an IPI - seminar "War and Peace in a Digital Age"
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July 12 2014

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Pyromantics Part I
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2893 ea7e
Pyromantics Part I - Close-up
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July 08 2014


HeavyMeta on Tuesday 8 July 2014 - 20:00

(find some teasers through the link)

A mixture of music, cocktails, pan-cakes,
story-telling, beer, drawing and video
shall lure you to take a bite and have a sip or two.

Since it is on a weekday and it would (IMHO) be a nice opportunity
to introduce people to the lab, please do not expect to find
everybody there, but rather induce someone to come along!:-)

kind regards,
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July 01 2014

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June 16 2014

6608 f719 500
  built an IR midi paddle @metalab. we are using the IR proximity sensors for guitar/blues harp effects and the buttons for looper control.  
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June 13 2014


June 10 2014

Blues Wanker - The Mountain
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April 23 2014

Play fullscreen
Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube!
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